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Birding as a travel experience

"Bird watchers are the luckiest travellers; the Banc d’Arguin is arguably the best spot on the planet to indulge ornithological passions."

                                                                                                                                              -Lonely Planet-

For Gambia lovers who want to broaden their horizons

Senegal complete: from Djoudj to Niokolo Koba

The Gambia is popular with European bird lovers. Thats not without a reason. But Senegal has the same varieties and more. The diversity of species along the Senegal River with its millions of migratory birds from Europe and Niokolo Koba, located far to the east, are guaranteed to attract species that every birdwatcher in The Gambia would sign up for. Furthermore among others we visit during this trip the famous sleeping place of the swallow-tailed kites and the only breeding ground on the African mainland of the red-billed tropicbird.

27 jan till 13 feb 2022
Price: €2495

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Wetlands of West Africa: exotic, yet familiar

In winter, the wetlands of West Africa are not only a habitat for numerous exotic endemics, but also for millions of migrants from Western Europe. The Banc d'Arguin and Djoudj are therefore among the world's top most important ornithological parks. As a bonus, we visit the roosts of the swallow-tailed kites, manatees and breeding tropicbirds in Senegal and the desert of Mauritania.

17 febr - 3 march 2022
Price: €2195



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Along the Atlantic route from The Gambia back to Europe

Transsahara: back from the tropics

Beautiful cliffs along the coast of Western Sahara

The legendary Transsahara caravan route, inspiration for many adventurous rallies such as Paris – Dakar, is also available for birdwatchers. With three off-road vehicles we drive along the coast of West Africa. While simultaneously millions of migratory birds take the same route through the air.
We pass by famous bird parks such as the Banc d'Arguin, Djoudj, Diawling, Khenifiss and Massa. Seventeen days of adventure, through five countries, 4000 km and almost 400 species of birds. Seville (Spain) is where we end, but but you can also shorten the trip by flying back from Agadir (Morocco).

Banc d'Arguin
Birdhide with osprey

From 12 till 28 march
Gambia - Seville: €2495
Gambia - Agadir: €2195

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Unknown Africa: Guinea/Liberia/Ivory Coast

Our Nissan X-Trails on the slopes of Mount Nimba on the border-triangle Guinee/Ivory Coast/Liberia

War and Ebola have destabilized countries like Guinea and Liberia for years. But thankfully that's over now. Birding has not been possible there all these years. Ornithologically, the area is still almost virgin. Our three previous expeditions have slightly changed that. But there is still a lot to discover. Guinea and the west of Ivory Coast were the focus of the three previous editions. This time we also include Liberia in our program.

A number of bird species are high on the wish list. We were able to tick off the Nimba flycatcher in 2019. But the bald-necked crow (picathartis) has always just eluded us. This time we try again. We have five new locations where we are trying our luck.

In addition to the rainforests, we will also take a look in what is called the 'wet savanna' (Fouta Djallon, Guinea). After that the 'dry savanna' starts in Senegal and that is where we are extensively going to visit the park Niokolo Koba.

From 11 till 29 nov 2022
Price: €2495

For real adventurers!

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Travel schedule

  SEASON 2022 - 2023  








Rainforests West-Africa

Senegal/Guinee/Liberia/Ivory Coast

€ 2.499



Opens internal link in current windowSenegambia roundtrip

a.o. Djoudj, Niokolo Koba, Ferlo, Gambia

€ 2.499



Opens internal link in current windowWetlands of West-Africa

Senegal/Mauritania, Djoudj, Banc d'Arguin

€ 2.199



Opens internal link in current windowTranssahara birding


€ 2.499

* Including: airline tickets from several European cities*, on-site transportation, accommodation, meals and non-alcoholic drinks,
all excursions, guides, entrance to parks included in the programme.
* The single room supplement is €300.
Departure possible from following European airports: Brussels, Vienna, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Paris (Orly), Marseille, Zürich, Milan, Rome, Barcelone, Madrid.
Allowance €50: London (Heatrow/Gatwick), Manchester, Dublin, Oslo
Allowance €100: Glasgow, Prague, Stockholm, Dusseldorf, Hamburg.
Without airline ticket, discount: €500